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Whats New, Summer 2014


What’s New- Summer 2014 

Thank you for an amazing Spring full of shows & DIY fundraising for the Live Sessions!

This summer, we are still holding the Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz DIY Fundraiser to raise money for the printing & preparing ofthe next The Live Sessions” vol. 2, vol. 3, etc…Happty to announce that Vol. 1-The Creamery Sessions are NOW available on the website, at shows, & on iTunes!  Your donation ahead of time helps with printing & preparing these volumes, each with a different location! The House Concert Sessions are recorded & being mixed, The Creamery Sessions are now available, & The Sunset Sessions have been recorded & are almost done being mixed thanks to Glenn Barratt & Morningstar Studios (& LIzanne Knott!)...& we have a few more sessions to record in 2014 & then edit down!

I am getting back to writing & revisiting some of the songs I have been working on over the past year...interesting to go back, re-evaluate, re-define some ideas!  Of course NEW ideas always stem from trying to work on former concepts, lol...

As many of you have asked for it...You can now have the new song "HAIL" on The Creamery Sessions...& I will be releasing a few other new ones along the way!  (The Sunset Sessions will feature "Fade")

Next, there are the shows, of course! Everything from Rehoboth Beach shows once a month to TWILIGHT CONCERTS in Bryn Mawr, Asbury Park, Lancaster, The Promenade in NJ, Village Wine in Skippack, Sarah Street Grlll, a few house concerts, a vow renewal in Oregon...

I had an interesting opportunity in June to speak with the author/scholar Sean Kay (Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio State University) at The Stone Pony about a new book he is working on regarding Rock & Roll as a platform or power advancing major national and international change...We'll see what happens with the conversation & I anxiously await his new book to be published (he has also spoken with award winning major label artists for their opinions!) Oh, AND I will be doing a house concert in Ohio for him & his wife in November, so all of you Buckeyes start planning ahead for Nov 14th in the Columbus area...(and I have a 2nd show in Cincy on Nov 15th!)

3 Stories High will also be performing at Rehoboth Ale House on Sat July 26th- This is a special show for us (I play bass in this band) as it is our only live performance of the summer before we hit again in the Fall, so I hope you can join us!

Thank you for your support and keeping up with my music, liking me on facebook, re-tweeting shows & news…every little bit helps & you are truly appreciated for that!  I also have to repeat myself here & give a shout out to everyone who comes to hear “live” music & not just watch us on you tube etc…Being a part of a live moment, a spontaneous special moment, is a beautiful thing for us to share with you!  Cheers to you! 




 "Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz" is all- in- one now, in case you might have missed that! Still me, still my music, former & newer, all being performed by this wonderful band of Gretchen Schultz on vocals & percussion, Rob Schnell on drums, percussion, & vocals,  Dan Kauffman on guitars/bass, Mike "Kurm" Kurman on bass & vocals, Keith Giosa on keys, bass, vocals...

Every little "click" counts, so please find us, like us, comment on twitter@rillamusic and facebook @Christinehavrilla.

Christine Havrilla