Christine Havrilla and Gypsy Fuzz

Whats New, Fall 2016


As the summer slowly slides away from us, I take a moment to look back at all of the amazing shows at venues & festivals that I got to experience & share with you! I am truly grateful for all of the support I feel when you come to shows, buy music, Tshirts, hats, tell your friends, BRING a new friend, share an event on Facebook, Tweet me, write me, share your story with me about a song....& the list goes on! Thank you to ALL of the festivals & venues who continue to invite me and/or the band...!  


But Wait...The Fall brings another pile of shows at wineries, venues, & festivals including Mushroom Festival (9/10), Ardmore Music Hall (9/17) w/ June Rich, World Cafe (10/8), Mississippi Pizza (10/21 Oregon!), Dublin Roasters (10/29), Sykesville CHili & Beer fest (11/5), Burlan and Bean (11/11), Jammin Java (12/1), Godfrey Daniels (12/2), Lansdowne Folk CLub (12/8) to name a few!  As we get our coats, hats, boots, & scarves out, and as we watch nature do it's amazing change of color & transformation, I hope we can all catch up & share in each other's journey for just a little!


Now available at shows! Limited Edition Daffodil T-Shirts "For the night's cold, the wind blows strong, daffodil death song oh but not for long"! 

No matter “who” you are or “where” you are from, I truly enjoy meeting you & hearing how you came across my music, what a certain song means to you, how you’ve bounced back from something difficult, how you have shared my music with others, how you make time to come & hear me live! It is like we keep growing over the years as I see familiar faces…& how we set off on a new journey with all of the new faces! Thank you for connecting with my music & me!

Speaking of music…lots of new ideas musically & lyrically are flowing once again...You will start hearing new songs like "Sunless Escapade", "Right in Front of Me", "Said it Once", "In-between", "Happy", "Reception"... & maybe a few new cover songs!

I look ahead to 2016 with hope for being a year with new fans, new music, new discoveries, new opportunities, experiences & continual growth on my part as a musician, writer, producer, business woman, friend, partner, family member, listener, gypsy, mentor...Thanks to all of the current venues, booking agents, festivals & fellow musicians I work with~ you are also so appreciated!


Thanks for everything & see you soon!



 "Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz" is all- in- one now, in case you might have missed that! Still me, still my music, former & newer, all being performed by this wonderful band of Gretchen Schultz on vocals & percussion, Rob Schnell on drums, percussion, & vocals, Dan Kauffman on guitars/bass, Keith Giosa on keys, bass, vocals...


Every little "click" counts, so please find us, like us, comment on twitter@rillamusic and facebook @Christinehavrilla.





Christine Havrilla

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