Christine Havrilla and Gypsy Fuzz

Whats New, Early 2019

Off on another new journey...

I sit here at my desk & am so grateful to be able to do something I love, something that can help people with sad hearts, rough times, love, anger, questions, confusion, loss, emptiness, insecurity, & absolute bliss.  Music is an amazing power that can reach down into peoples' souls... & I get to share moments at shows with fans, friends, & family to connect just like that.  Thank you…

We are well into 2019 & that means the NEW ALBUM, “SUNLESS ESCAPADE”, comes out very soon! (March!)  It was recorded late December / early January at Studio 1311 with Gregory Brady.   I’d like to give big shout-out to the many talented musicians that I surround myself with as GYPSY FUZZ: Keith Giosa/bass, vocals, keys; Becca Doughty/drums, percussion; Dan Kauffman/guitar, bass, vocals; Gretchen Schultz/vocals, percussion; Rich Bellando/drums.  The artwork for the cover is by the amazing Joelle Cathleen ( I have to also to give a shout out to Judy Mould as guitar tech/stage crew and merch-girl/stage crew Jenn “Wizzy” Wismer. Words cannot express the appreciation & love for these folks!  Also sending some love to my main photographers Doerthe Externest, Sharon Gray, Gary Regulski… 

"SUNLESS ESCAPADE" will soon be in your hands & you can come celebrate with us on SAT MARCH 2nd at The Locks at Sona in Manyunk/Philadelphia for the Album Release + birthday weekend! FULL BAND! 

Thank you to 88.5 WXPN for already playing the new music - you can help us out by making a request!!! More AAA/College Stations will have the new music soon!

SPRING & SUMMER SHOWS are starting to be listed & we encourage you to hop over to the TOUR PAGE so you can find us & hang out with us soon! I will be passing through DE, MD, VA, WV, PA, OH, NJ, NY, CT, NH, MA in my upcoming travels!  

I am looking forward to connecting with current fans, new fans, new music, new discoveries, new opportunities, experiences & continual growth on my part as a musician, writer, producer, business woman, friend, wife, family member, listener, gypsy, mentor...

Thanks for everything & see you soon!


 "Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz" is all- in- one now, in case you might have missed that! Still me, still my music, former & newer, all being performed by this wonderful band of  Becca Doughty and Rich Bellando on drums/percussion; Dan Kauffman on guitars/bass vocals; Keith Giosa on keys/bass & vocals; Gretchen Schultz on vocals & percussion; Wizzy at merch table; Judy and Dirk as guitar tech help + sound. 

Every little "click" counts, so please find us, like us, comment: twitter@rillamusic, facebook@Christinehavrilla, facebook/christinehavrillaandgypsyfuzz, instagram/christinehavrilla


Christine Havrilla

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